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Wedding ring classes taught in Berlin since 2003.

Wedding Ring Workshops in Berlin

For the unique and individual promise you give to each other, hand made wedding rings are the most valuable tokens imaginable. In a one day workshop at my studio in Zehlendorf, I will guide you through the process of building your wedding rings yourself. Creating an intimate, private experience with one couple at a time.

Unique wedding rings can be made after an initial meeting where we discover which material, shape and size suits you best. I am happy to help you develop your individual set of rings.

Make your own wedding rings

The whole process is included – from taking raw material, shaping it into a ring, bridging the two ends, hammering the ring into shape and the final steps of sanding and polishing the metal.

You will take home a strong and energetic memory from that day, as well as two rings that hold a unique story.

Please contact me for further information or read testimonials from previous clients.

workshop: 150,- € + material

1g 22kt gold (09/2019) 125,- €

1g 18kt white gold (09/2019) 135,- €
1g 18kt gold (09/2019) 105,- €

1g 14kt white gold (09/2019) 120,- €
1g 14kt gold (09/2019) 90,- €

all prices plus VAT

Lady’s ring
size 56 width 3mm thickness 1,8 mm
weight in 18kt gold ca. 5,5g
weight in 14kt gold ca. 5g

Gent’s ring
size 63 width 4mm thickness 2mm
weight in 18kt gold ca. 8g
weight in 14kt gold ca. 7,5g