Carolina & Kilian
Dear Susanne,
We can’t thank you enough for making the workshop such a special day for us. We had a great time and will never forget the experience. We are in love with our new wedding rings and can’t wait to tell everyone in Brasil about the whole process. We wish you all the best and hope seeing you again!

Christine & Eric
It was such an incredible experience to make each other’s wedding rings over the course of one workshop—and to be able to walk away with the finished product the same day! Susanne is a warm and friendly person, and her expertise is evident. She guided us on choosing the right dimensions for the rings as well as during the various fabrication stages. The finished rings are of professional quality, fit us perfectly and turned out exactly as desired. We highly recommend this experience; it’s a wonderful, romantic feeling to look at our rings and know that we made them for each other.

Rachael & Luke
We made wedding rings for each other over the course of an afternoon in May. From the very start Susanne could not have been friendlier or more accommodating (and her English is fantastic). She took us through the whole design process, from choosing the metal to deciding on shapes and sizes: the possibilities are endless. On ‘making-day’ we never felt out of our depth, but very much guided by a real expert who’s clearly passionate about her craft. It was really fascinating learning how to manipulate the metal, and the various stages and tools (some excitingly fiery) involved, in Susanne’s lovely studio. A few hours later, we came away with two unique and beautiful rings that we both love and are very proud of. It feels extra-special that we’ll each wear what the other (literally) sweated over, and every time we look at our rings we’ll remember that day and our time in Berlin. A brilliant experience, thoroughly recommended for everyone, from old romantics to keen make-and-doers to the design-savvy to couples looking for something a bit different. And for all those who believe they’re not very good with their hands, you may very well surprise yourself.

Conny & Daniel
We were with you at the end of September when you agreed to do a workshop with us at very short notice (10 days before our wedding). It was a wonderful day! We were able to forge our rings in only six hours, even though we didn’t have the slightest idea how it would be done. You explained and showed us every step of the process in detail and then we were ready to go – it was more surprising and easier than we thought, especially since with your expert assistance. How two square gold sticks turned into two such beautiful rings is truly a miracle! We captured all the steps photographically and included these photos in our wedding album as well. The rings give us a lot of joy, just because we know that our own “heart blood” is in the ring of the other, and because they fit exactly into each other in size and are therefore “one”. Thank you again for your company and support and continue to enjoy ring making! Conny and Daniel

Susen & Torsten
We made our dream rings in June at Susanne’s in Berlin. First of all, we would like to thank Susanne very much for the great, informal and very professional support and guidance. Secondly, we would like to emphasize that we are very happy with the realization of our ideas. It is hard to believe that such a great result was achieved. Absolutely recommendable if you want to give your ring a personal touch and implement your own philosophy. Soon all wedding rings will be made by ourselves.

Doreen & Marcus
Thank you very much for the great support in designing and making our wedding rings. For us the forging of the wedding rings will be an unforgettable day in our lives. We would especially like to thank Susanne who explained everything so wonderfully and worked with us until late in the evening – 21.00 o’clock – to realize our dream of the perfect rings. The result has totally inspired us and now we are already curious how the finished rings with stone and engraving look like. Many greetings, Marcus & Doreen

Britta & Martin
In April we “built” our rings and we really like them. Thanks to Susanne, who convinced us at the wedding fair and also helped us “hammer hard” with the building. Now the day still has to come where we show the rings to everyone… Love greetings!

Güzel & Martin
We are very happy with our self-made rings. It was super fun and it’s almost a pity that this occasion is only once in a lifetime (at least we hope so for us ;-)). Due to the professional support, even our somewhat more complicated rings (gold+white gold, diagonal cut) turned out very well. Also the handwritten engraving has been well implemented even in Tatar. Thank you very much!

Regina & Sven
Dear Susanne, thank you so much for the great care; we felt very comfortable with your expert support! And the results speak for themselves!

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