Reminder of Simplicity

These jewelry and medicine pieces embrace the indigenous art from the Amazon forest, inspired by the relationships with its people and their plant medicine.

Some are original pieces, humbly enhanced with the quality of the goldsmith’s art. Some are personal, culturally cross-pollinated interpretations. The pieces above are the first prototypes of a vastly variable collection that are created in cooperation with the Huni Kuin and you, bringing together the spirit of the jungle and your unique prayer. Whether you let yourself be surprised or you manifest the song of your soul in one of my ceremonies, these SPIRIT PRAYER MEDICINE PIECES will guide you on your path and remind you of your truth.

“Reminder of Simplicity” is a line in of the wonderful medicine songs by Danit Treubig.

Members of the Huni Kuin tribe on a recent visit to Germany.

A unique offer

For a limited time only we are selling these original earrings with 100% (minus material costs) going directly to the tribes of the Amazon.

Every six months, customers will vote on where the money is sent.

Contact us below to request your original piece based on the samples above or if you’d like to find out more about the ceremonies and rituals we offer.

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